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Lowell Joint Education Foundation

Monday, October 8, 2018

Mission Statement

The Lowell Joint Education Foundation has been established to provide financial support for extraordinary help to make excellent schools even better and provide an ever improving education for students in the Lowell Joint School District.

Why support the Lowell Joint Education Foundation?

  • Raises funds for extraordinary activities
  • Builds on LJSD's history of excellence
  • Provides donor tax advantages
  • Opens doors for student opportunities
  • Because excellent schools enhance communities

The Lowell Joint School District includes El Portal, Jordan, Macy, Meadow Green and Olita Elementary Schools and Rancho-Starbuck Intermediate School. The LJSD serves families in the communities of Whittier, La Habra Heights, and La Habra, California, covering the southeastern portion of Los Angeles County and the northwestern portion of Orange County.

Starting With a Vision

A century ago, local residents organized the beginnings of the Lowell Joint School District, encompassing parts of today's La Habra, La Habra Heights, and Whittier. Most families lived in houses among sprawling citrus groves, packing houses, and railroad tracks.

Like parents everywhere, district founders wanted strong local schools that would develop children's minds to enable them to make their way in the world, and at the same time learning to be good and responsible citizens.

Today, the Lowell Joint School District is recognized as among California's best. Its schools, five elementary and one intermediate, produce laudatory results in state achievement tests. Active PTAs and other programs provide opportunities for parental involvement. Pupils benefit from a unique values-driven curriculum emphasizing character development while teaching respect, honesty, responsibility and kindness.

Leveraging Strengths

The advantages enjoyed by smaller, predominantly middle class school districts like Lowell Joint are numerous, including strong local community influence and values such as the Character Education program. In addition, frequent and positive collaborations between families and faculties are commonplace. However, challenges come because Lowell Joint receives lower rates of State and Federal government funding than are available in many lower-income and under-achieving districts.

While the Lowell Joint School District is funded for basic operations through traditional channels, it lacks needed resources for facility updates and to provide needed programs designed to broaden pupils' interests and develop their talents.

For that reason, the Lowell Joint Education Foundation was established in 2005/06 to provide assistance to the LJSD for necessary updates and to fund programs in such key areas as science, art, music, and technology.

Extraordinary Needs

The Lowell Joint Educational Foundation addresses the LJSD's extraordinary needs, while wholeheartedly endorsing the proven fundraising efforts of the individual school PTAs. The Foundation provides additional support for the LJSD by:

  • Providing grants to further the LJSD's academic, technology, and character-building programs.
  • Securing corporate sponsorships and funding.


Funding Sources

The Lowell Joint Education Foundation annually hosts the following districtwide fundraising events: